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Patch Program

Be Recognized as an Elite PAX

F3 STL Patch Program

The F3 STL Patch Program was created to provide a goal for regional leadership, community, accountability and acceleration into being an F3 St. Louis HIM. The patch is earned, not sold.

Starting January 1, 2021, those who achieve all of the requirements will be honored at the F3 STL Anniversary Event in October.

This patch is only achieved by the most dedicated PAX, both local and visitors from around F3 nation. The criteria is based off the success of the F3Grandstand Patch Program featured in 43Ft podcast (Cspan + Beaker). PowerPlant developed the idea and Brain, our current Weasel Shaker, is delivering it to the PAX.

Patch Program

Local PAX Requirements:

  • 1st F: Q at every STL AO + write a backblast within 24 hours (excluding Fartsack Station and WashMo)
  • 1st F: Complete 3 CSAUPs
  • 1st F: Complete 4/4 Ironpax Challenges
  • 2nd F: Attend 4 2nd F events
  • 3rd F: Attend 24 Qsource lessons
  • 3rd F: Attend 2 3rd F events (excluding Qsource)
  • EH 2 FNGs
  • EH 2 VQs
  • Pass the quiz 
  • Participate in STL GrowRuck

(Extra Credit: Attend a beatdown outside of the STL region, can sub for any 1 CSAUP, 1 Ironpax, or 1 EH above)

(Extra Credit: Create an original CSAUP, 2nd F, or 3rd F event, can sub for any 1 CSAUP, 1 Ironpax, or 1 EH above)

Visiting Pax Requirements (for PAX outside the STL region):

  • Q and backblast posted to Twitter/Slack within 24 hours.
  • Quiz – Completed after any beatdown COT at a Site other than your home AO. 

The pax just needs to give the Site Q a heads up the night before that they will be going for the quiz. That way the Site Q can be prepared to ask the 10 questions after the COT.

For each completed answer, the individual PAX also needs to knock out 5 burpees.

The Quiz

  1. What are the 5 core principles?
  2. List all STL AOs
  3. What are….the 3Fs
  4. Who are the PAX and why do they matter?
  5. Who is the current (leadership role [Q pick one role]) and what is their responsibility?
  6. What is the mission of F3?
  7. Who are the founders of F3 and what city/when did it start, nationally?
  8. What is the original AO/when did F3 start, in STL?
  9. What is the F3 credo?
  10. Describe two ways you are especially called to serve F3 and its mission.

A scorecard is coming soon to track your achievements. Signed off by Q, a leader, any pax who can vouch for your achievement.