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Updated COVID-19 Protocols

As the pandemic continues, unfortunately, it is likely not a matter of if, but when, a pax in our region will test positive. Based on this, we are reiterating a few points and laying out a few others.  The safety and health of our men and their families are the highest priority.


  • If a participant feels sick, please stay home.
  • If you were exposed or test positive for COVID, please tell the pax you were around in the preceding days ASAP! Backblasts should enable you to contact trace. Q’s make sure you’re writing them! If for whatever reason you can’t reach out to the impacted pax, please contact the Site Q to do it for you.
  • If you are exposed (spent time with a COVID positive person) or awaiting a test result, please utilize virtual workouts until results are known.
  • If you test positive, please switch to virtual workouts until you test negative or the 14-day quarantine is completed.


  • Workouts will follow local government mandates. See sources below for St. Louis City and County.
  • Groups will be limited in size to 10 in St. Louis City and County. More than ever, it will be helpful if members “hard commit” HC on Slack to give us an idea of how many men will post on a given day. A second Q will be designated for the location for an entirely separate workout if too many men show up.
  • Stay at least 6 feet apart at all times. It is important to understand that 6 feet is not a magic, “infection-proof” distance, especially as we are exhaling hard, changing positions, sharing space, etc. There is no guarantee that everybody will always stay six feet away from everybody at all times. If that is a man’s expectation, he may want to continue working out virtually.
  • You are NOT required to wear a face-covering outside.  Let’s continue to respect your brother.  See #7.
  • Do not touch each other or each other’s stuff. No face licking or reaching out touching hands. No pattycake merkins or partner carries.
  • Keep in mind that running can cause a diminution of social distancing as we tend to herd together.
  • Men will have differing opinions about proper behavior and protective equipment. Q’s should encourage participants to do what they feel comfortable with, e.g. wear a mask, modify exercises or routines, stand well away from others, etc.
  • Wash workout clothes and gloves after each workout. They stink.
StL County Cares: What are the New Public Health Orders and What do They Mean for Me?
StL County Cares: 2nd Amended Order Requiring Wear Face Coverings 
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