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December Announcements

Upcoming Events and Activities


  • Celebrate Christmas Day with your very own black ops beatdown! Merry Christmas!
  • Per guidance provided by St. Louis County, masks are not required for outdoor group workouts, provided there are fewer than 10 participants and at least 6 feet of distance is maintained between individuals.
  • Forge Beatdowns begin Thursday, January 21 at The Awakening to celebrate Peloton’s F3aversary. These will be one-hour extreme workouts hosted at rotating AOs on Wednesdays following the Inaugural Beatdown.
  • Need a travel or quarantine workout option? Fartsack Station is still running strong Monday and Wednesday with options to virtually clown car to other regions. See channel in Slack for details.
  • PAXminer is becoming a great tool to measure engagement. The Backblast Template is critical. Here’s a link for all you Qs out there.
  • EH an FNG recently? Don’t forget to submit the FNG Form.


  • Make America Burpee Again! The 31-day, 3,100 burpee challenge begins January 1. HC here.
  • Post-beatdown coffeteria daily at The Depot.
  • Unemployment continues to be a challenge for many. Support your Brothers in Arms who may be facing a job loss. Drop your contact info into this Google Sheet to connect. This is a resource for all HIMs! Use it to network and share. My mentor used to say, “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.”


  • QSource Leadership Training rolling out across the region in January. Check out the QSource Slack Channel for information and Copies of the book are available at F3 Nation or Amazon. You can also read each QPoint by downloading the PDF in Slack or online in the link above.
  • Zoom Devotional are typically hosted on Fridays at 12:15 p.m. Join Crop Circle and Pitino as they lead us in a discussion on being better men using Christian principles. Info and HC on 3rd F channel in slack.
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