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2nd F February Challenge

CSAUP (Completely Sensible and Ultimately Productive)

Valentine’s Day is February 14. Most men remember this made-up, Hallmark holiday late in the day on February 13, if we’re lucky. However, we are HIMs. We are prepared. We do EXTRA work. We focus on the “M”ost important relationships in our lives. And lead with LOVE, right?

Welcome to the February 2nd F challenge, gentleman! The entire month Brady Bunch will be tracking acts of LOVE for the main relationships in your life (M, 2.0s, 3.0s, mentees, etc.) through your posts to the 2nd F Slack Channel. It could be a date night with your wife or partner. It could be 1-on-1 time with a 2.0/3.0. It could be a long-postponed Zoom call with your parents. Maybe you did the laundry unexpectedly?

Each HIM will post a PICTURE of the act of kindness or event to the 2F channel. Each post will get 1 point. PAX with the most points will receive an F3 St. Louis shirt with the new logo on it! Start thinking of the acts of kindness now and let’s start posting Monday, Feb. 1, aye? HC on Slack!

Q1.5: “M” Most Important Relationship – Wife, Partner, Parents – accelerating the M requires both skill and love.
Q1.6: “Shorties/2.0s” Sacrificial Relationship between a man and his children, grandchildren or a mentee.

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