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2nd F February Challenge

Valentine’s Day is February 14. Most men remember this made-up, Hallmark holiday late in the day on February 13, if we’re lucky. However, we are HIMs. We are prepared. We do EXTRA work. We focus on the “M”ost important relationships in our lives. And lead with LOVE, right?


Updated COVID-19 Protocols

As the pandemic continues, unfortunately, it is likely not a matter of if, but when, a pax in our region will test positive. Based on this, we are reiterating a few points and laying out a few others.  The safety and health of our men and their families are the highest priority.


Tips for Your First Workout

a.k.a Tips for Posting at Your First Beatdown So, you got past our favorite excuses and decided to participate? Greatness. We do not show up at F3 for ourselves. We show up